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Smoking Cessation Outpatient Clinic

Do you want to quit smoking?

For those who consider quitting and for those who has already tried quitting multiple times but failed : we will teach you some tips based on some successful experiences and support you so you can quit smoking. Let’s do it! Together!!
Smoking cessation clinic specialists will support you to get through with the exercises.

Please note that whether your treatment will or will not be covered by your health insurance will depend on the consultation details (conditions below).

Who is Eligible?

A person who needs or desire smoking cessation

Those who satisfy the items 1 to 4 can receive treatment under insurance coverage for 5 times including the initial consultation; however treatment from the 6th time and beyond will be outside the insurance coverage. For those who do not satisfy all 4 items, you will also be receiving treatment outside insurance coverage. 

  1. A person who desires smoking cessation and wants to stop smoking immediately
  2. A person who has been diagnosed as nicotine dependent by nicotine dependence screening test (TDS) (TSD assessment of 5 points or over)
  3. If the person’s number of years of smoking multiplied by the number of cigarettes exceeds 200 cigarettes
  4. A person who has made an agreement in writing that he/she will receive anti-smoking treatment

Date and Hours


10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (General medicine specialist)
2:00 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. (Pulmonologist)

Consultation Details

You will see your doctor regularly for 3 months (5 times) at smoke cessation outpatient clinic. On the initial consultation you will learn some tips to stop smoking, precautions and make a “non-smoking day”. Upon consultation you will decide how to prepare yourself for the non-smoking day and how to get through the hardships during the treatment.

  • Nicotine Dependence Test
  • Detailed explanation on medication to alleviate the nicotine withdrawal symptoms (such as irritation associated with smoking cessation)
  • Measurement of Exhaled Carbon Monoxide Concentration
  • Coaching for smoking cessation 
  • Explanation on the expenses and the treatment program

During your 2nd-5th meeting with your physician (normally after starting smoking cessation) the cessation conditions will be checked and the measures to respond to such conditions will be made.
After the 6th meeting, your cessation continuation will be checked and the measures to prevent the urge to smoking will be checked again. Please note that consultation after the 6th meeting will be considered outside of insurance coverage and the full amount will be charged. Smoking cessation success rate is about 70% at our hospital.