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For Revisit Patients

For Patients with an Appointment

If you have made an appointment, please finish your registration using the “automatic follow-up registration machine” prior to your reserved time.
When registration is completed “Guidance to Today’s Consultation” will be issued. Please bring this guidance with you to the department and wait until you are called.
Note: On the first consultation day of each month we need to confirm your health insurance status. Please stop by at the “Health Insurance Confirmation Desk” prior to your consultation. (If you are short in time before the consultation you can confirm afterwards)

Note: Registration through the automatic follow-up registration machine starts from 8:00 a.m.


For those who has had consultation at NCGM

Reception Time

Please refer to the “Outpatient announcement


  • If you have not been consulted at NCGM for over 3 months and do not have a referral, we kindly ask you to consult the “General Medicine” department first. (If the specialty of your disease is obvious we will introduce you to a specific department instead)
    Note: If you do not have a referral, 8,000 yen (without tax) is required in addition to your consultation fee.
    Note: If you desire a consultation of a specific department, please bring a referral issued by your family doctor.
  • Consultation of multiple departments on the same day (request from NCGM).
    In order to facilitate outpatient consultation we would like to ask patients to limit their consultations to “two departments per day” in general.
    Note: If you have misplaced your patient registration card, please stop by at any reception desk.

If you are unsure of the consultation fee, please inquire “General Information”.

Non-Consultation day

Breast Surgery Closed   Closed    
Cardiovascular Surgery Closed Closed      
Psychosomatic Medicine Closed   Closed   Closed
Plastic Surgery   Closed      
Orthopedics   Closed      
Neurosurgery     Closed   Closed
Anesthesiology   Closed   Closed First and Third Week Only
Obstetrics (15 weeks or over)   Closed     Closed
Dentistry       Closed  
Radioactive Therapy (First-Time)   Closed   Closed  

Departments not indicated above are open for consultation from Monday through Friday
Orthopedics - Patients with a referral can receive consultation on Tuesday
Pediatrics - Patients can receive consultation after 11:00 a.m. at the critical care department.

From Registration to Returning Home (general flow)


For the first-time patients / For patients without an appointment

Starting from 8:30 a.m.
Please pick up a number slip and wait for your turn. When your turn arrives show your patient registration card and finish your registration. The registration starts from 8:30 a.m. at the registration desk.

Automatic Follow-up Registration Machine

Starts from 8:30 a.m.
Please register using the registration machine if you have made an appointment.

For Patients with Blood Collection Only

Please go to the Blood Collection Room on the 3rd floor and register directly.

Confirmation of Health Insurance Status

For those who are the first-time patients or patients who made a registration without an appointment

It has been confirmed upon registration.

For those who registered via automatic follow-up registration machine.

We ask patients receiving their first consultation of the month and who registered via registration machine to confirm your health insurance status at the “Health Insurance Confirmation Desk” on the ground floor of the main building prior to your consultation.

Note: If you are short in time prior to your reserved time, confirmation can be done during the payment.
Note: We kindly ask for your cooperation in confirming your health insurance status prior to the consultation. If many patients wait until the payment to be confirmed the payment transaction becomes stagnant causing a long line at the cashier.

Consultation at Each Department

When your turn arrive you will be called by your number indicated on the “Guidance of Today’s Consultation”.


Patients with Payment

Please submit “Payment Slip” and “Guidance for Today’s Consultation” to the Calculation Desk (Patient who only received blood collection must show their patient registration card). Please also show your health insurance card if it is your first consultation of the month.

Note: If you received an “external prescription”, please show the prescription form. We will stamp it for authenticity. For payment, please avail the automatic payment machine. When the calculation is finished, the digital board will indicate your number to announce that your payment is ready. When you make the payment through the machine, a reservation slip indicating your next appointment will be issued together with the receipt. (A ticket to claim your medication will be issued if you have an internal prescription.)

For those who do not have a Japanese insurance card, please see here for details.

Patients without Payment

Please submit your “Payment Slip” and “Guidance for Today’s Consultation” to the Calculation Desk. Please also show your health insurance card if it is your first consultation of the month.

Note: If you have an “external prescription”, please always show the prescription form. We will stamp it for authenticity.
Note: Please notify us if you received an internal prescription. A ticket will be given to claim your medication. If you have made an appointment for your next consultation, please avail the reservation issuance machine to issue the reservation slip for your next consultation or examination.

Change of Reservation Time

Please inquire the Reservation Center.

Reception Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Monday to Friday

Contact numbers: