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For First-Time Patients

Reception Time

Please refer to the “Outpatient

Reception place

Located at the first-time patient desk on the ground floor of the Main Building.
We ask all patients visiting for the first time to submit a referral (patient referral document) issued by a physician from another medical institution (or a family doctor).

If you do not have a referral, you are required to pay “8,000yen (without tax)* as special medical care coverage” in addition to the consultation fee. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance.


When you consult a doctor at the NGCM please always bring your “health insurance card” and “medical care certificate” if you have any.

Please also bring a referral (patient referral document) issued by your family doctor, as well as any X-ray data in a CD and/or film.
The NCGM also has a “General Medicine” department that enables us to make comprehensive judgement on your illness on your first visit for consultation. Please be advised that consultation at General Medicine is available if you are unsure which department to consult. After this initial consultation you will introduced to a specific department for a further examination.

Consultation of multiple departments on the same day (request from NCGM)

In order to facilitate outpatient consultation we would like to kindly ask each patient to limit his/her consultations to “two clinical departments per day” in general.

From Registration to Returning Home (general flow)

“Registration Form” (registration form for your application)

  1. Please fill out the “Registration Form” on the table next to the first-time patient reception desk.
  2. Please pick up a “First-time Patient Ticket” from the reception desk.
  3. Please make sure all the information (name, date of birth, address, domicile of origin, telephone number) within the red line is fill out.
  4. When you are finished please be seated and wait until your number (on the ticket) is called.

First-Time Patient Registration

  1. When your number is called please proceed to the first-time patient reception desk.
  2. Please submit the “Registration Form”, “Health Insurance Card” and other certificates and “Referral” at the desk.
  3. You will be given a medical history questionnaire to fill out. Please fill this out and submit the form at the desk.
  4. Once the registration is completed, you will be given a patient registration card and a “Guidance to Today’s Consultation (consultation form)”


  1. When your name is called at the department, please enter the consultation room.
    Note: We will call you by the number indicated on the “Guidance to Today’s Consultation” instead of your name.
  2. When your consultation is completed, an accounting slip and prescription will be given to you. Please proceed to the cashier.


  1. Please submit the complete file (including the Guidance to Today’s Consultation) to the cashier. You will be given an accounting ticket. The number on the ticket is to inform you when the payment is ready.
  2. Once the calculation is finished, the digital board will indicate that your bill is ready for the payment by the automatic payment machine.
    Note: When a receipt is issued, a reservation slip for your next consultation will be attached to it.


  1. Prescriptions for dispensing pharmacies will issued for your medication in most cases. Please pick up your medicine at dispensing pharmacy located outside the hospital within four days (including the day of issuance)
    Note: Internal prescriptions are issued for investigational new drugs and in-house formulation. Please pick up at in-house dispensing pharmacy in such cases.