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Message from the Director

大西 真

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my inauguration as hospital director in April 2016.

The philosophy of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) is to provide the best comprehensive medical care to our patients and to contribute to the community by helping conquer diseases and enhancing health.

Our fundamental policies are:

  1. To practice a patient respected medical care based on the integration of consultation and research
  2. To provide medical care services based on a collaboration of highly advanced pioneering expertise
  3. To promote team-based medicine built on mutual trust between medical providers
  4. To provide safe and effective medical care as well as to raise awareness of such achievements within the community
  5. To educate and train good medical service providers with a wide range of knowledge

The NGCM has been striving to provide quality medical care as an acute care hospital by serving as a foundation for comprehensive medical care. International infectious disease measures and travel clinic, diabetes consultation, AIDS treatment, emergency medicine – these are unique features of the NGCM and we have a well- established system that allows our specialists and staff to collaborate beyond their clinical divisions.

Taking care of patients with multiple complications, elderly patients undergoing surgical procedures, patients suffering from complex medical problems, patients undergoing general treatment for unknown illnesses, psychiatric patients suffering from a complication of multiple physical disorders is our strong point. We also provide perinatal care and infertility treatment, as well as genetic counseling at our clinical genome outpatient clinic.

As mentioned above we take care of a wide range of patients suffering from various disorders and symptoms, for our comprehensive consultation system is based on the administration of advanced medical care.

Moreover, we have established an International Health Care Center within our institution to promote facilitation with non-Japanese patients. We are the first institution within Tokyo to be certified with the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP). We will be working with other international hospitals within Japan to enhance the system in order to avail medical care to the international patients.

We were the first institution to start a complete medical checkup and based on our achievements and experiences over time, we have undergone a complete renovation of our screening program. It is my pleasure to announce that a highly accurate and detailed new health screening center will open in May. We are now able to provide various attractive optional examinations by incorporating the most advanced medicine with a well-prepared follow-up by our specialists.

The NGCM aims to become a clinical research core hospital as a hospital of the National Research and Development Agency. By taking the advantage of our distinctive characteristic of having a Research Institute, a Center for Clinical Sciences and a Bureau of International Health Cooperation we will be assuming a leading role in the following areas: research development of innovative medicine and medical devices, promotion of international expansion, international-standard clinical research and physician-led clinical trials. In order for us to be successful in making achievements in such fields we kindly ask for your cooperation, especially in the areas of clinical research and the bio repository, for they require contribution of biological specimen such as blood samples and medical information for research purposes.

The NCGM is determined to thrive in supporting both domestic and international patients to conquer to diseases and enhance health. To all physicians from various regions, as well as all medical providers and all the patients; we sincerely ask for your continued support and understanding.

April 2016

Shin Ohnishi, MD, PhD
Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine